querystring using javascript

hi everyone
i ve a problem regarding querystrings which is as follows.

i m making a popup window and onclick of a href that window pops up and i m sending my querystring along with that.

now i want to use that query string in that popup page but i m unable to do that it is giving a 'object expected error'.

the code is as follows:

window.open("interfacepop.asp?hotelid="+window.document.form1.hotelid.value,"interface","scrollbars=1, menubar=0, toolbar=0, top=90, height=350, width=400");

the code that i m using in the pop up.
window.document.form1.action = "interfacepop.asp?submit=Y&;hotelid="

=request.querystringan style="color: #007700">(
"hotelid" style="color: #007700">)

But this not working, please anyone can help me ...


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I think you may be mixing up

I think you may be mixing up asp and javascript query strings.

Can you provide a link to a demo page?