Informix Database Backup Error

Hi Guys,

I am not able to perform a level 0 backup on our informix database because I keep getting these error messages:

function write to tape failed code -1 errno 6
function could not write archive tape. failed code -1 errno 6
function put arc data failed code -1 errno 6
Archive failed - function write to tape failed code -1 errno 6

Please help in troubleshooting this one out. Bec we really need to perform a full backup on the system.



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failed code -1 errno 6

This is an error from the operating system. Have a look at the messages log file to see what's the problem. It could be caused by any number of hardware failures -- a dirty tape drive, a bad cable or even a bad tape etc...

failed code -1 errno 6

Thanks! will do as you say.