mysqlbinlog Tips and Tricks


So, you have a binlog. You want to find out something specific that happened inside of it. What to do? mysqlbinlog has some neat features, which I thought we would look at here.

I should first explain what mysqlbinlog really is. It is a tool that lets you analyze and view the binlogs/relaylogs from mysql, which are stored in binary format. This tool converts them to plaintext, so that they’re human-readable.

Administering MySQL


In this lesson of the MySQL tutorial, you will learn...

1. To start up and shut down the MySQL Server
2. To view Information about the Server and Databases
3. To view and kill Threads
4. To clear System Caches
5. Various mysqladmin Options

MySQL Persistent vs Non-Persistent Connections


This post will be about benchmarking of MySQL Persistent Connections vs Non-Persistent Connections -- what always seems to be a hot topic among PHPers about what connection type to use when connection to a MySQL database...

MySQL Connection Management in PHP


This article is intended to highlight various basic topics concerning proper methods of handling connections to MySQL databases in PHP, guidelines for caching dynamic content, and a technique called "lazy loading". Hopefully by the end of the article you'll have learned how to combat a very widespread and potentially devastating scalability problem seen in an enormous number of PHP web applications...

Install & Configure IPplan IP Manager in openSUSE


IPplan is a free opensource IP Address management application. IPPlan is a web based IP address management software and tracking tool simplifying the administration of your IP address space. IPplan goes beyond IP address management including DNS administration, configuration file management, circuit management and storing of hardware information.

Using tmpfs for MySQL tmpdir setting


Speed up mysql tmp table creation by putting it in the ramdisk...

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How to backup and import a MySQL InnoDB database


Due to the way Innodb tables are structured, you cannot perform a hotback up of this database without using third party tools. Therefore you must take your database offline for a small period of time while you take the backup...