Lightweight ASP.NET!!!

I am not much of a .net fan but, I always wanted to do some for web programming just to get a taste of .net, but was always lazy to install the entire because its too huge and my Compaq Presario 900 notebook aint got much harddisk space left after i installed linux as the other OS.

But, Microsoft in conjunction with some other companies have come out with a light weight version of and the best part is that its free!!!

Visit and download this thing called WebMatrix. It is actually a mini IDE and a mini IIS like webserver. Its small but it has almost all the features that the IDE in provide for

After installing you can see an executable called webserver.exe which is the mini IIS. You need to run the executable with the webroot folder path as its argument.

Fireup command prompt, go to the folder where u installed the webserver and then just do the following:

C:\>WebServer /port:81 /path:"C:\inetpub\wwwroot" /vpath="/webroot"

Make sure the paths exists.

Have Fun!